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  • Persecution of Jews in WW2 Germany started before 1936. The Holocaust start date was 1933. You’re casually leaving out the 150K that went to Palestine from 1931 to 1936.

    Jews being suppressed in whatever country you’re in is bad but I’m going to guess you’re not in America. Other countries also have problems suppressing other ethnic groups that’s not a Jews specific thing. Creating an Ethnostate by Genociding natives is proven to not solve this safety issue as we can see in Palestine right now. Jews are far safer in America than in israel which really begs the question why israel needs to exist.

    But if you think ethnically cleansing a land to create a “safe space” is a solution, then remember that all Hitler wanted to do was to "create a safe space for his Ubermensch"as well.

  • Far more went to Palestine according to even the israeli sources. From 84k in 1922 , to 449k in 1939 and after that a million colonists or so every 10 years.

    Ultimately it would not solve much as the majority of Hitlers victims were not Jews but Slavs. So now we’d have to find a home for those 20 million Eastern European people as well so Hitler wouldn’t Genocide them. Move everyone in that Hitler didn’t like to colonize Africa or the Middle east and Genocide the natives there. All problems solved as long as you don’t consider brown and black people as humans and steal their land. Sprinkle some irony on top.

    Israel is literally the least safe place in the world for “Jews” right now. Jews are perfectly safe in America and Europe.