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  • It has always been kind of funny to me that the painters of these official portraits had to at some point get directions along the lines of “I want it to be flattering but clearly me” for some of the portraits they had to do of what had to be pretty bridge troll ugly looking people.

    Talk about going home that night after getting the assignment, having a stiff drink, and wondering how the hell you are going to get out of this one.

  • People need to stop holding Jobs up as some deity of tech. He was a marketing and hype man that was in the right place at the right time and knew how to take advantage of that luck. Nothing more, nothing less. It is equally possible his leadership style would have squandered the opportunities Apple has had since his death had it been him and not Cook in charge.

    By any metric other than “line must always go up” Apple is doing just fine.

    “Oh no, they haven’t found another multi hundred billion dollar product to release since the iPhone, even though there are no signs that the iPhone won’t continue to be a very profitable business for years and years to come…better go dig up Steve jobs, shove a stick up his back, magic his corpse back to life, and beg him to save the shareholders profit margins”, the horror.